Exselo Desktop 2.5

Exselo Desktop 2.5

Exselo Desktop is a desktop tool that allows users to collaborate, search and share data in real tim
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Exselo Desktop is a desktop tool that allows users to collaborate, search and share data in real time using encrypted peer-to-peer technology.
Every device with Exselo Desktop installed enables its user to choose content to share with other Exselo Desktop users. When two or more Exselo Desktop users have connected through our invite mechanism, they can search each others devices and communicate over a secure peer-to-peer connection.

This establishes multiple secure information networks consisting of personal or locally stored data from its users; information that is not otherwise available through any other channels. The power of each network reflects the number of users invited and the volume and quality of the content shared. "A content network for users, by users"

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rating Stefan
Awesome desktop search tool.

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The product looks a bit raw/unfinished, but impresses me with its speed and simplicity of use. There is just one place to do your query, and you refine the resultset after you get it. Not possible to get it wrong. The program is fully integrated with my Outlook, making me able to find all my Outlook items (mails, contacts, meetings etc.) both from the main interface, and from a well placed search field inside of Outlook. It has for me, replaced the use of Outlooks own search since it is both faster and gives a more precise hit rate.

Another thing I have noticed, is that the program supports really LARGE files. I have some large spreadsheets (60MBs) which are all fully indexed and available through the program. It also indexes my NAS, my Dropbox and OneDrive documents without any problems. Making me able to find my documents wherever I have stored them.

The installation is easy. Download and install, and it started up without any problems.

I have not experienced any performance problems on my computer after installing the program. It seems like the program does its indexing when I am idle in front of the ccomputer.

What I would like to see for future releases are support for even more file types, a cleaner result set, export of result set and an overall nicer GUI.

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